Custom Pool project in Pittsboro, NC with a freeform pool, spa, fire pit and waterfall.

Pittsboro Pool Paradise

“Pittsboro Pool Paradise” emerges as a testament to the harmonious fusion between design and nature. At its core, a unique freeform pool and an effortlessly integrated spa redefine backyard elegance, focusing on rejuvenation and unparalleled entertainment. Furthermore, the allure of this aquatic sanctuary intensifies with the addition of a custom rock waterfall. This captivating feature seizes the senses and strengthens

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Custom pool in Wake Forest, NC with landscaping, spa, and travertine

Wake Forest Freeform Oasis

“Wake Forest Freeform Oasis” showcases the power of elegant, thoughtful design. This freeform pool is a relaxation gem in Wake Forest, offering refined outdoor living. Ivory travertine decking surrounds the pool, merging luxury with the landscape. Its cool, soft surface invites leisurely, barefoot days. The heart of this retreat is a spa that blends seclusion with openness. A weeping wall

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Wake Forest custom freeform pool with stonework, spa and firebowls

Elegant Aqua Serenity

“Elegant Aqua Serenity” is a design masterpiece, blending water’s allure with modern pool sophistication. At its core, a freeform pool with an integrated spa becomes your personal oasis. Surrounding the spa, dual weeping walls offer a visual and auditory feast, enhancing the spa’s cozy appeal. Opposite the spa, two Pentair “Magic Bowls” create a magical atmosphere with water arcs and

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Inground pool with silver travertine and water feature wall

Leesville Lagoon Bliss

Welcome to “Leesville Lagoon Bliss,” a tranquil, luxurious freeform pool nestled in Raleigh’s scenic Leesville. This pool showcases the fusion of natural beauty with upscale design. Silver travertine decking wraps the pool, blending seamlessly with nature. This elegant yet practical choice ensures both aesthetic appeal and safety. At the heart of this oasis lies a captivating weeping wall water feature.

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Raleigh, NC luxury rectangular pool with Cambridge pavers and lush landscaping

North Raleigh Poolside Elegance

“North Raleigh Poolside Elegance” merges luxury with tranquility for superior outdoor living. This linear pool, with an integrated spa, offers swimming joy and spa relaxation in your backyard. A tanning ledge lets sun lovers lounge in warmth, balanced by cooling waters. Cambridge pavers around the pool add refined beauty, enhancing the sleek design with their texture and color. Water from

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Wake Forest rectangular custom built luxury pool with Pebbletec plaster, Techo Bloc pavers, landscaping, and retaining wall

Reservoir View Swim Sanctuary

Welcome to the “Reservoir View Swim Sanctuary,” a linear pool redefining aquatic elegance. Positioned to embrace serene reservoir views, it merges precise design with bespoke luxury. Its sleek shape offers a minimalist look, while a swim jet system caters to both relaxation and fitness needs. The pool’s edge boasts premium Techo Bloc pavers, chosen for durability, safety, and style. These

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Custom Raleigh NC concrete freeform pool with paver pool deck - side view

Raleigh’s Refined Waters

Welcome to “Raleigh’s Refined Waters,” a masterpiece in Raleigh’s pool design scene. This pool combines freeform beauty with a luxurious spa. It’s a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Within this peaceful setting, the spa stands out. It offers a private space to relax in warm, bubbling waters. The spa and pool blend smoothly, ensuring a mix of lively swims and

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Youngsville NC custom concrete pool with Cambridge pavers, landscaping, fire pit, and seat wall - caddy corner view

Youngsville Backyard Bliss

Welcome to “Youngsville Backyard Bliss,” a fusion of luxury and leisure in outdoor elegance. Nestled in Youngsville’s peaceful landscapes, this custom freeform pool serves as both a swimming spot and a personal oasis centerpiece. Its tanning ledge invites sunbathing or cooling dips right in your backyard. A thoughtfully designed fire pit area adds warmth and camaraderie to the setting. It’s

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Custom Freeform pool in North Raleigh with pavers, stone work, tanning ledge and in pool seating - front right view

Raleigh Cascade Elegance

Discover “Raleigh Cascade Elegance,” a luxury freeform pool in the heart of North Raleigh. This unique oasis combines a sophisticated multi-level paver deck with the serene beauty of nature. A weeping wall water feature gracefully cascades, creating a peaceful ambiance. An integrated in-pool seating area offers a prime spot to soak in the tranquility. The surrounding deck is perfect for

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