Raleigh, NC

Leesville Lagoon Bliss

Freeform Concrete Pool

Welcome to “Leesville Lagoon Bliss,” a tranquil, luxurious freeform pool nestled in Raleigh’s scenic Leesville. This pool showcases the fusion of natural beauty with upscale design.

Silver travertine decking wraps the pool, blending seamlessly with nature. This elegant yet practical choice ensures both aesthetic appeal and safety. At the heart of this oasis lies a captivating weeping wall water feature. It brings a visual and auditory feast, echoing a natural waterfall’s charm.

Beside the pool, a thoughtfully crafted fire pit area beckons for warmth and companionship. The blend of fire and water sets the stage for memorable evenings or peaceful solitude.

“Leesville Lagoon Bliss” goes beyond being just a pool. It stands as a statement of lifestyle, offering a slice of serenity and luxury right in your backyard. Every element, from the travertine decking to the soothing water sounds, is designed to enhance peace and elegance.

This retreat is a haven of relaxation, where the tranquility of water meets the warmth of fire. It’s an ideal setting for socializing, unwinding, or simply soaking in the serene atmosphere. With “Leesville Lagoon Bliss,” experience an unparalleled escape into luxury, making every moment at home a dive into tranquility.

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