Freeform Pools

Freeform pool Wake Forest with raised spa and water feature

Freeform Pools

Freeform pools are gaining in popularity with residential homeowners. With these pools, you can seamlessly integrate your new poolscape into the natural world. In addition to fitting perfectly into any space, these free form swimming pools are not constrained by hard angles or straight lines. Many pools feature rock features, waterfalls, and even planting to mimic natural waterholes, ponds, and lakes. Pools with free flowing shapes provide a natural design that is ideal for recreation, home improvement, and entertaining. 

A Natural, Fluid Design

In their design, freeform pools are fluid and inspired by nature. By incorporating pavers or travertine around the pool, you can blend a natural feel with a contemporary look or go for a lagoon aesthetic. With an almost endless amount of shapes and style, freeform pools can complement virtually any home.

Azalea Pools and Outdoor Living, LLC constructs all of our freeform swimming pools out of concrete (also known as shotcrete). The shape is marked out on the site, the ground excavated and the framework is constructed before the concrete is poured.

Benefits of a Freeform Pool

Choosing a freeform pool has many benefits including:

  • Customization. Due to the fact that freeform pools don’t have to match any particular proportions, they are extremely flexible. If you have a complicated backyard or a small space, freeform pools offer an almost unlimited amount of designs that work well for both the space and your needs. Freeform pools also work very well with large backyards as you can create your own oasis right out the back door.
  • Softness. Freeform swimming pools can add a degree of softness to flat spaces or areas dominated by straight lines. The blend of various curves can help bring visual balance to a backyard.
  • Blending with Nature. Combined with the surrounding landscape, a freeform pool can easily be integrated into the natural setting.
  • Flexibility. By using a freeform swimming pool, you can incorporate a shallow beach area, a spa, waterfall, or landscaping into the pool’s fluid design.

Our goal at Azalea Pools and Outdoor Living is to provide the highest level of customer service all throughout the construction process and after the process is complete. We want to make you feel valued throughout the construction process of your new custom pool. To find out more about how Azalea Pools and Outdoor Living can help with your next pool project, contact us today!

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