Freeform Pools

Freeform pool Wake Forest with raised spa and water feature

Freeform Pools

Unveiling the Luxury of Nature: Freeform Pools

The allure of luxury pool installations has transformed how homeowners view their outdoor spaces, with freeform swimming pools emerging as the epitome of outdoor sophistication. These masterpieces not only epitomize luxury but also resonate with a keen sense of architectural fluidity, effortlessly echoing the natural world.

The Raleigh – Durham market has been a keen observer of this trend. Homeowners with an eye for luxury are gravitating towards these luxury swimming pool designs. Unlike traditional rectangular pools, freeform pools defy the conventional, stepping out of hard angles and immersing into the elegance of organic curves. 

Benefits of a Freeform Pool

Architectural Fluidity: Capturing the essence of natural landscapes, freeform pools offer a luxury pool experience that seamlessly blends with the environment. They’re more than just pools; they are immersive experiences that transport you to a serene, natural oasis.

Design Versatility: A salient feature of luxury pools is their adaptability. Freeform pools, with their diverse array of shapes, effortlessly complement both modern homes and rustic retreats in the triangle area. Their versatility extends from the artistic expression of the homeowner to the intricate details of luxury pool designs.

Integration with Nature: Nestled amidst lush landscapes or expansive patios, these pools serve as natural extensions of the environment. Their organic forms, complemented by features like cascading waterfalls or secluded grottos, enhance the appeal of any luxury backyard pool.

Premium Craftsmanship: Luxury custom pools, especially those in Raleigh, demand nothing short of excellence. Freeform pools are meticulously crafted using top-tier materials, particularly shotcrete. This ensures their durability while allowing for design intricacies.

Personalization and Customization: Custom pool designs often hinge on the unique vision of the homeowner. Freeform pools thrive on this customization, adapting to varied backyard dimensions or homeowner preferences. From tanning ledges to integrated spas, the design possibilities are endless.

Elevating Home Value: In Raleigh and surrounding areas, a well-constructed freeform pool isn’t just a luxury addition; it’s an investment. Properties with these luxury pools often see an appreciation in value, becoming coveted assets in the real estate market.

Elegance & Sophistication: Freeform pools, with their graceful lines and refined aesthetics, undeniably add a touch of polish to any home. They serve as a testament to the homeowner’s discerning taste and their commitment to an opulent lifestyle.

Custom freeform pool designer and builder

At Azalea Pools and Outdoor Living, our reputation in central NC is built on delivering luxury pool installations that exceed expectations.

Each freeform pool we design celebrates craftsmanship, from the initial design sketches to the final touches. With us, you’re not just getting a pool; you’re investing in an experience that blends luxury, nature, and unmatched quality.

For those in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas looking to elevate their outdoor spaces with custom pool designs, freeform pools are the answer.

Their organic designs, combined with the premium materials and expert craftsmanship from companies like Azalea Pools and Outdoor Living, ensure that homeowners not only get a luxurious pool but an outdoor retreat that stands as a testament to their refined taste.

With a freeform pool, luxury is not just an option; it’s a lifestyle. Contact us today to get started on your luxurious freefrom pool.

Megan Aiken
Megan Aiken
We had a wonderful experience with Azalea Pools - we love our pool and backyard patio! Will designed an amazing pool with a waterfall feature and attached firepit area. Will and Heather were so easy to work with and they helped us through all the different steps to make sure the pool fit in just the right spot in our yard. Their attention to detail and quality were a perfect fit for this project. I would definitely recommend Azalea if you want to transform your backyard!
Sarah Rainwater
Sarah Rainwater
Will, Heather and their team did a beautiful job with our backyard oasis, from working with us in the design stage, to choosing materials and then the actual build process. They communicated well throughout, were honest and reliable, and we absolutely love the final product! We highly recommend!
Tim Williams
Tim Williams
We love our pool and entertainment area that Azalea Pools designed and constructed for us. We provided the basic elements we wanted (pool, built in grill with stone counters, firepit, etc) to Will. Heather took those and designed an amazing outdoor living space. Will handled all permits and communications with county personnel. As part of the construction we had to move our septic system. Will secured a septic expert and ensured that was handled as well. The Azalea Pools construction crew was professional, hard working and highly skilled. As a team, Azalea Pools did an amazing job of designing and creating a luxury outdoor space for our family and friends to enjoy.
Blake Shiver
Blake Shiver
I thought it would be valuable to post my experience 2 years after our pool was completed. When you make a major investment in a pool, you want it to hold up and pass the test of time. So far, our pool has been awesome and still feels and functions like a brand new pool. The attention to detail in design, even the components that you can't see that are buried under ground, are what set Azalea pools apart from the competition. Will and Heather helped us design our pool from scratch, bringing years of experience to the table to help us make decisions we would ultimately be proud of. They also helped connect us to a construction contractor to build an addition onto our house that also is part of our pool setup. Every single person that worked on this project had amazing work ethic, showed up every day and paid careful attention to every detail, not sacrificing a single minor thing. Honestly, it took a little longer than I expected (I was expecting 4-6 months and it took about 8), but this is the price of perfection. I should also mention that they did all of this during the early stages of the Covid pandemic, amidst a labor shortage and supply chain disaster. I honestly don't know how they pulled it off, but I do know they did an outstanding job. This is an honest company, run by honest professionals that take a great deal of pride in their work. If you are lucky enough to have Azalea design and build your pool, I am very confident you will be amazed the same way we have been. This was a once in a lifetime investment for us and we are very glad we chose Azalea.
Christine Goheen
Christine Goheen
Will and his crew designed and built this fabulous patio for us this past fall. We're so lucky to be able to enjoy this while we're staying home. I highly recommend them and will definitely be using them for the next project.

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