Wake Forest, NC

Wake Forest Freeform Oasis

Freeform Concrete Pool

“Wake Forest Freeform Oasis” showcases the power of elegant, thoughtful design. This freeform pool is a relaxation gem in Wake Forest, offering refined outdoor living.

Ivory travertine decking surrounds the pool, merging luxury with the landscape. Its cool, soft surface invites leisurely, barefoot days.

The heart of this retreat is a spa that blends seclusion with openness. A weeping wall flows from the spa, linking relaxation with the soothing sound of water. This feature stands as a peaceful centerpiece.

A custom fireplace adds warmth and charm. It features a hearth, mantle, and wood boxes, blending functionality with craftsmanship. This fireplace isn’t just for warmth; it’s a key part of the oasis’s character.

“Wake Forest Freeform Oasis” is where natural beauty meets custom design. It’s a space for unwinding, entertaining, and enjoying serene beauty in comfort.

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