Wake Forest, NC

Reservoir View Swim Sanctuary

Linear Pool

Welcome to the “Reservoir View Swim Sanctuary,” a linear pool redefining aquatic elegance. Positioned to embrace serene reservoir views, it merges precise design with bespoke luxury. Its sleek shape offers a minimalist look, while a swim jet system caters to both relaxation and fitness needs.

The pool’s edge boasts premium Techo Bloc pavers, chosen for durability, safety, and style. These pavers blend the pool into its natural setting, enhancing the outdoor space’s openness.

Adding to the setting, custom veneer planters dot the perimeter. They bring greenery and privacy, marrying the pool with the landscape beautifully.

“Reservoir View Swim Sanctuary” isn’t just any pool. It’s a retreat for those valuing luxury, tranquility, and nature. Every detail, from the ground up to the swim jet’s gentle push, is designed for serene luxury by the reservoir.

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