Raleigh, NC

Elegant Aqua Serenity

Freeform Concrete Pool

“Elegant Aqua Serenity” is a design masterpiece, blending water’s allure with modern pool sophistication. At its core, a freeform pool with an integrated spa becomes your personal oasis. Surrounding the spa, dual weeping walls offer a visual and auditory feast, enhancing the spa’s cozy appeal.

Opposite the spa, two Pentair “Magic Bowls” create a magical atmosphere with water arcs and lights. In-pool stool seating allows guests to soak in the beauty and engage in lively conversations.

The pool glimmers with custom Lightstream tile, casting iridescent reflections. Walnut travertine decking adds warmth, complementing the pool’s elegant shape.

A fire pit area adds warmth and camaraderie, contrasting the pool’s cool touch. “Elegant Aqua Serenity” combines design, comfort, and luxury, offering an unparalleled relaxation realm.

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