Your Virtual Pool Planning Guide


With the current, albeit hopefully temporary, situation regarding Covid 19, planning your future pool project virtually is a great way to get started while maintaining the social distancing guidelines.  Check out our virtual pool planning guide to get started!

Secure a plot plan or a survey 

Most closing documents contain a plot plan and/or survey.  Also, if you purchased a new home, your builder should be able to provide a plot plan for you.  If you have neither of these, then you will need to order a survey.

Set up a dropbox or google drive folder

Using a service like dropbox or google drive makes it easy for both contractors and clients to store all relevant project items from your plot plan to photos to design schematics.  

Take a lot of photos

Contractors need lots of photos to get a really good idea of the space we are working with.  Make sure the photos are from a lot of different angles (looking out from the house, looking from the back of the lot, looking from each side, etc) as well as making sure you have photos that span the entire space.  These photos can be put right into that dropbox or google drive.

Research pool designs 

Google has lots of examples of pools and pool features.  Doing a quick google or internet search will show hundreds of different designs and layouts for just about any backyard.  Select a few that you really like and drop those links/photos right into the dropbox or google drive.  

In addition, Pinterest is a great resource for more pool ideas.  Simply share your board with your contractor.

Have a virtual meeting with your pool contractor

With services like FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype, having a virtual meeting with a contractor can easily be accomplished with your smart device. During the meeting, the contractor will ask things like, “What style of pool do you prefer?”, “What size of pool do you want?”, or “Do you want additional features such as a spa or tanning shelf?”  Having at least a general idea of what you want in your new pool project will go a long way in helping the contractor put together a robust design plan for you.

Secure financing 

If you are planning to get a loan to help finance your pool project, now would be a good time to secure that loan.  While there are many companies that offer pool financing, we love collaborating with the following three companies. They not only have a solid reputation but also have fantastic finance rates.

  1. Lightstream
  2. HFS
  3. Lyon Financial

Finalize pool design and contract

Once completing all of the above, your contractor can now work on finalizing your pool project design along with the pool project proposal.  Just like the photos, design plans and contract proposals can be sent virtually in dropbox or google drive. Most pool projects tend to have several revisions so don’t be afraid to voice what you like or don’t like.  After all, it’s your pool! Once a pool design has been selected and a contract has been signed, you are ready to start building your wonderful new poolscape project!

Even though we are still in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic, you can still plan a wonderful backyard pool project.  Azalea Pools and Outdoor Living would love to help any client in the Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas design and install a new poolscape retreat. Contact us today!