Custom Freeform pool in North Raleigh highlighting tanning ledge with pebbletec plaster

Understanding Pool Terminology: A Dive into the Essentials

Due to the complex pool terminology, diving into pool ownership or revamping an existing one can feel like navigating uncharted waters. To simplify, we’ve crafted an essential guide covering everything from Shotcrete to Autofill. Whether you’re crafting your ideal pool or decoding your backyard oasis’s components, this guide clarifies the terms for a smooth journey. The Foundation: Shotcrete, Concrete, Gunite

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heated pool Raleigh NC

Year-Round Enjoyment: Heated Pools for Raleigh’s Climate

When you think of Raleigh, North Carolina, you might conjure up images of warm, sunny days and mild winters. But while Raleigh does enjoy a generally temperate climate, the changing seasons can still bring cooler temperatures. For luxury pool owners in the area, the desire for year-round pool enjoyment is a top priority. This is where Azalea Pools and Outdoor

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Pool Planning Guide - How To Prepare For Pool Construction

Pool Planning Guide – How To Prepare For Pool Construction

Are you dreaming of a backyard oasis with a stunning pool as its centerpiece? Before diving into construction, there are several crucial steps to ensure your project’s success. 1.) Secure a plot plan or a survey  Most closing documents contain a plot plan and/or survey.  Also, if you purchased a new home, your builder should be able to provide a

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Renovated Pool in Raleigh, paver decking

8 Ways To Renovate Your Pool

Do you see signs of usage in your pool?  Does your pool feel dated with old equipment and features? Does your pool show its age with broken pool decking? Let us help you breathe new life into your pool with a fantastic pool renovation.  Here are 8 great ways to renovate your pool. Resurface your pool If you have an

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Custom concrete pool and spa in Raleigh

Which Type of Pool is the Best for Me?

There are several types of pool options available to clients – concrete, fiberglass or vinyl liner.  But which one of these is the best one for you? Let’s take a look at the the 3 choices and compare the pros and cons of each. Concrete   Pros: Concrete pools can be made to almost any shape, size, or configuration. The

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